In Islam, the term Rushd means the intellectual maturity, which is the capability of managing his own intellect or reason. Even, the marriage in Islam is jurisprudentially legal only when the person achieves the ‘Rushd’. It is not equal in degree in every human being. Unlike physical maturity, ‘Rushd’ is a god-given blessing and can vary on how much do we strive for acquiring it. But physical maturity is simply a god-given blessing. Nothing can change the reality.

Rushd Magazine is a media collective that strives to boost the readers’ intellectual maturity to the highest possible degree. We engages with political, social, economical and cultural aspects of Islamic civilization with an academic rigour. Rushd also discusses Islamic scholarly tradition in the cultural currents and the critical ideas shaping the modern society as well. The team comprises of academic scholars, researchers and professionals. This collective is committed in uniting authors and researchers from various backgrounds and disciplines to promote diverse critical views on Religion, culture, politics, and society. We aspire, scholars, writers and translators who observe and analyse the areas in both academic and Islamic perspectives.